I love the outdoors!

Love keeping active and triathlon is my sport. For the past few years I have qualified for my Age Group to represent Great Britain in Duathlon and Triathlon! With my  training and racing I have been fortunate enough to Travel around the UK and parts of Europe.

This year 2015, the World Duathlon Championships were in Adelaide, Australia. This warranted Travel, Training and Racing. With a little trial of the culinary aspects of the Great Southern sporting nations.

To see where I get my enthusiasm for the Outdoors check out the Gallery.

I shall try to keep you all up to date on my little Travel adventures and Races around the New Zealand and Australia!

Around the time of my A-levels I found I had a particular affinity with Anatomy and Physiology. It was suggested by the careers officers that I  apply for a Physiotherapy Degree. Heck was it greater than I first imagined! It was a fantastic course for me. I qualified as a Physiotherapist in July 2014! I have found a little niche that I would like to gain more experience in (neurological therapy/rehab).

Additionally I thoroughly love FOOD! Obviously nutrition is a massive part of sport and life. As food means so much to me a number of my posts shall be of a culinary subject.

Continue to explore the other tabs and stay tuned 🙂

“Never Give Up and Keep Smiling”- Chrissie Wellington


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